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What is regression psychotherapy?

There are eternal questions, the answers to which take a whole lifetime to find. Why have I come to this word? What awaits me behind its threshold? What is death? Will I leave for good or will I return? If so, what will the return be like?

In our routine life the truth is unavailable to human mind. But it can be obtained through regression therapy method, which makes it possible to not only 'live' your past lives but also highlight the psychological and psychosomatic problems that you have brought with you to your life in the present.

The efficiency of the method has helped it advance around the world for the last 20-30 years. Associations of regression therapists have been founded in America and Western Europe, international congresses, symposiums and workshops and schools for the discussion of the obtained data have been taking place regularly. In Russia the use of this method is not yet very common. Still it lives, develops and brings certain results!